Hello, and welcome to our page! We are a married, thirty something, two kids and a dog couple who are after hours geeks. We love playing games of all types, and recently we have decided to make the plunge from gamers to developing our own games. Yes, you heard me right. We have decided to become entrepreneurs.

The seeds of a new game idea came from a summer camping trip in the mountains. No better way to pass the time than a cooler full of beer and a cribbage board! We began making our own tweaks on the game, and having fun watching what direction we could take this. We named our game idea The Goblin Pit Fight.  Following this idea came many hours of working out game ideas, mechanics, and design. From designing artwork on a new software program to play testing at our kitchen table, our little project transformed from a fun hobby to a dream of publishing and selling our game.

We heard about from a friend of ours and thought we found a way to make our dreams reality. We ordered a few test copies of our game, backed a few other Kickstarter projects, and hoped we knew enough to launch a project of our own! We had no idea that we were in over our heads and hadn’t thought through any marketing. We were under the impression that we could Ready-Set-Launch and people would find us. We were under the impression of, “You built it, and they will come!”

The first day, we posted to our Facebook accounts and sent out an email to our friends and family. We were also featured on the newly launched game page, and we had a fabulous first day! We received more than $500 in backers and were off to a great start!

The next day…

wait for it….


We were quickly kicked out of our elated state and are now very concerned about our project.

This is when we found the “Funding the Dream” podcast by Game Whisperer, Richard Bliss ( and panic started to set it. I began listening to his programs starting with Jan 2012 and forward, each episode leaving me with an idea of where we went wrong. It is now 6 days into the project and we are stalled at 7 percent of the $10,000 goal with 37 backers.

This podcast and his practical advice is what is inspiring this blog. I will be posting a link and updates to our project every time I post, but I am not only blogging about this project  The purpose of our blog is to document this journey, make note of where we went wrong as well as where we went right, and following our journey from nerdy dreamers to game developers.

Our sincerest appreciation to our friends, family and project supporters and to you, Richard Bliss. You are helping us make sense out of this very emotional, unclear journey!

And with no further ado, please check out our kickstarter project. We welcome all feedback, positive and negative.



4 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Welcome, welcome!! I’m going to love following this blog since, as you both know, I’m a big fan of both personal journeys and making a living doing what you enjoy. Even though our company is in its 13th year, we still learn plenty of new things every day and from the most wonderful of sources. I expect we’ll learn quite a few things here. And of course, you’ll see our name on your Kickstarter stats. :))


    • So grateful to have you on our feed! We are going to need advice from the “experts” on every aspect of this adventure, and WikiHow can only take us so far! I am looking forward to your posts as well as your feedback!

  2. Hello, we followed your blog because we think we can learn from your experiences. There are other crowdfunding sites out there such as indiegogo and gofundme. If you haven’t checked those out already, they may be another way for you to raise funds for your project, and their fees are not as high either. Hope that helps 🙂 – TeamBig10

    • Thank you, and it’s a pleasure to meet you! We can only manage one thing at a time, but if this flops, we will definitely look into other options. I look forward to getting to know you better and dragging you along on this journey with me 🙂

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