It is close to the end of the day and we haven’t reached our ten percent goal, but I am not even too discouraged about that anymore.

We were fortunate enough to have a free consultation with Richard Bliss, The Game Whisperer! The time spent with him was the most valuable time we have spent since launching this project and his advice was encouraging, practical, and applicable. Everything he suggested is immediately actionable, and now it is time to get to work.

Right now we need to narrow down the who – Who are we targeting? Who will enjoy this game? Who is it made for?

We also need to get focused on the how – How are we going to get the word out? How are we going to reach our target audience? How are we going to catch and hold their attention? How are we going to deliver to their expectations?

No need to focus on the when – The when is now.

It’s going to be a busy 5 weeks, but the wealth we are gaining in knowledge and experience is immeasurable.

There are so many points he made, I couldn’t list them all here if I tried. The coaching and steering he offered was worth more than I can express. Sometimes you get just what you need, just when you need it.

Today’s lessons include:

1. Seek advice. Even if it is listening to a podcast and reading a blog rather than soliciting someone’s help personally, it will be the best effort you can make towards reaching your goal. Here is how you can read more about Richard Bliss, who I highly recommend.

2. Seek out the stories of those who have gone before you. We are now looking at other projects to draw the lessons to be learned there, too.

3.And finally, seek out people who will support you. Don’t spend time with people who will naysay your project, chide you for having a dream, or discount the notion of succeeding with the intent of being realistic. They may mean well, but they aren’t what you need when you are putting this much effort into your dream.

Again, our project link is:


Ten percent or not, today was a success.



4 thoughts on “Focus…Focus….

  1. Hey, I’ll try to remember I have this wordpress account and keep up a little with you over here too.

    Some days, 10 percent is actually great. That’s just how it goes. You can’t always get out more than that with everything that goes on.

  2. How very odd. I believe I asked C. what age you were targeting. If you should like, these silly boys do this skyp thingy, and you could get some teenagers’ opinions. They are especially cruel and unusual. Do you need a guide?

    • We are in, in, in!! I learned a few things from eighth graders today, I think tomorrow I need another whooping! (I will keep the tissues close, just in case I need them!) Have I mentioned how awesome you are, Kells?

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