Schooled by Eighth Graders

I know I introduced myself as Corey and Christina – Scribelife Games – and though I didn’t mean to be misleading, I was slightly misleading. I (Christina) am the blog writer, blog follower, blog blogger. This is our joint project, but I am who you are reading when you stumble upon our little corner of WordPress. I am clearing that up now, because I want to tell you about my day.

Today I visited five girls in the school. These girls are eighth graders who are working on a project called “Students are Authors”, and the story they are writing about is the story of a little girl I lost to cancer some years ago. We have been communicating back and forth sharing a Google doc, they ask questions, I write answers – they write paragraphs, I write corrections – they draw artwork, I upload my daughter’s artwork. We have been doing this for several weeks and today was the first time I met them in person.

What an experience! Initially, they were too intimidated to ask many questions. I imagine the scenario they wanted to avoid was a broken hearted mother crying on their tender 13 year old shoulders, and who can blame them? Once I proved myself solid and no tears sprung from my eyes, they began to show enthusiasm for their story. They talked about how to spin it, what to focus on, how to market it. Their eyes shone with excitement and enthusiasm for their project. They couldn’t write fast enough. Ideas flew from their mouths faster than anyone could type and their project time ended far too soon.

That is the kind of passion I want to embrace with every project. That is the kind of dedication, dreaming, creating that is needed when embarking on a new journey.

Today, I learned from eighth graders what it takes to make ideas happen.

Today’s lessons include:

1. I really am not smarter than a 13 year old.

2. Passion is contagious.

3. Dreaming big is the only way to go.

4. Don’t invest half your heart in anything, give it all if it is worth doing.

5. Student toilets are much lower to the floor.

Project update:

Hurray! We have an artist who is drawing goblins for our cards, and we should have them ready by Monday! I hope to have something ready to post very soon.

We are working on our marketing campaign and you will definitely hear me beating the goblin drums! Our consultation with Richard Bliss (The Game Whisperer) was so helpful that we are in the same place the eighth graders are – too many ideas to count!

Here is our project link:


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