Keeping a Sense of Humor

With all the stress involved in launching this project, it is easy to lose touch with ourselves and remember this is fun. We are making and trying to launch a game because it is fun, and we like fun.

Last night we hit a wall. No amount of effort could force our brains to engage. We could have scanned our lists and sat in front of our computers all night and nothing productive would have come from it. We took a much needed break. We watched a movie, had a drink, giggled and laughed. Today has been a much more productive day.

Our friend is here helping us with fine tuning some aspects of the project. He reminded us about the time he was in the public, trying something new to him. He received just as much negative feedback as positive feedback from his endeavor, and reminded us to not let it hurt our feelings.

This weekend’s lessons include:

1. Breaks are important – take them.

2. Problems get bigger the more you examine them.

3. Problems get smaller the more you focus on the solution.

4. Laughter solves most problems.

5. Jeff, Who Lives at Home is a terrific movie.

Project Update:

We are almost ready to launch our revisions and updates tomorrow. It’s kept us very, very busy. We are super excited about the updates and know they will take us in the direction we want to go.

In other news, we thought we backed a few projects we found on WordPress, but when we looked at our projects this morning, we only had a few on the list. If we left you a note expressing our desire to back you and you don’t see our name on the list – please let me know so I can correct that.

Here is our link to the project, I suggest looking now and checking again tomorrow. There are going to be some big changes!


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