52 Goblin Challenge

This week’s contest for the glorious prize of a “Goblin Awareness T-shirt”.

5 awesome gamers will take the prize by flexing their geek muscles.


Goblin Pit Fight has 52 goblins in the deck.  They are very upset that the high level adventurers have slain their families.  Those same high level adventurers have left town to chase a dragon or defeat an evil sorcerer.

52 goblins attack your town!  Angry and jealous of the cushy life you live.

You have 4 “level 1” adventurers.  Describe what your party is made of and how you would deal with this 52 goblin challenge. Post a comment here with your response to the 52 Goblin Challenge.
Check next Monday’s update on our Kickstarter page for winners of this contest and the “Nominate Your Local Game Store” contest.

7 thoughts on “52 Goblin Challenge

  1. Since my party is composed of weasely rogues, we figure we don’t need to defeat 52 goblins; we just need to outrun the townsfolk. So we kick the mayor in the knee, steal some candlesticks and run the other way.

  2. My level one warrior immediately gathers the townsfolk and begins yelling and urging them to leave town via the narrow road walled in on both sides by large mountains. Luckily the goblins decided not to block that path and the townsfolk appear to be in the clear. As the warrior is screaming and bellowing unintelligably, the brave hunter has already begun to let lose his flood of arrows, costing more than a few goblins their lives. As the remainder push on our wizard begins his dastardly deeds and lights a large fire across their path, forcing them to enter town underneath the shadow of our rather imposing water tower. While all this was happening, our enterprising rogue was calmly undoing the bolts securing the tower to its foundation, and with a mighty chop our warriors axe begins to weaken the support. The goblins are worked into a frenzy but their foolishness knows no bounds as they zealously charge our position, ignoring the arrows and small fireballs mostly bouncing harmlessly off their shields. Finally our rogue uses the last trick up his sleeve, a small black powder based object generally used to create a lot of noise. He wraps five or six of them around the pole, and with a great shatter it cracks and begins to fall! The goblins look on in terror as the water tower falls, crushing most of them and sweeping the remainder off their feet and back in a terrible mudslide. As the warrior calmly beheads those who were not crushed by the tower or pierced in the tidal wave, one last goblin knocks an arrow and fires it directly at our enterprising warrior. The hunter is too slow and although he finishes off the gobln scum, our warrior lies badly wounded, blood pouring out of the wound. Our wizard tries to heal him but his incantations are weak and cannot heal so grevious a wound. Our warrior breathes his last.

  3. My first act would be quickly dispatch our partys theif (I knew we shouldnt have hired him since he was a goblin). Then we would queitly wait in a celler until night fall. Since we are all level 1 there is no way we could handle all 52 goblins, this way under the cover of darkness myself (a selfless human cleric who prays to a dwarven god, long story), our halfling monk who only practices drunken boxing, and our apprentice wizard who still only knows magic missile, will make our move. With any luck the goblins will stay in the town during the night and get into the taverns supply of meed. Then during the drunken sacking of the village we can quietly kill three goblins, steal there meger rags and do our best to pass ourselves off as one of them. Then while our monk gets more and more drunk with the goblins he will finally release his fists of alcohol fulled furry and we will begin our attack. the vicious battle will last many hours, or wizard will rethink his class choice and the day will be won. We will take what little gold the filthy gobos had and begin our next quest of finding a new theif companion.

  4. Before we start with the team, we must look at the town. This town is a Dwarf mining town and they don’t just mine normal ore, they also have a pocket of gas that they use for their airships (dirigible style).
    Now we meet our four adventures, if you can even call them that. They are the four sons Duror: Dorin, Dwinur, Dalmin, and Dwaim. They are the town’s mechanics, which fit them well as they were all shorter than your normal dwarf. All four standing on top of each other reach the height of a normal human. Their small stature allowed them easy access into the mechanical workings of the airships.
    The scene enters on the sound of the Goblins scurrying up the hill side, the sentry sees this and sounds the town alarm. As a bit of panic overcomes the town, Dorin, Dwinur, Dalmin, and Dwaim realize that this is their time, this is there moment. They look around and try to come up with a plan, “what to do? What to do?” they thought. Dorin then realized they had just finished working on on Dwarf Airship. Though none had every flown an Airship, they knew how it worked. The four brothers ran to the ship and set sail into the sky. Dorin took control of the ship while Dwinur, Dalmin, and Dwaim went to man the flaming crossbows. As the ship rose into the air, the brothers rained fire down on the approaching Goblins. As Dorin tried to steer the ship, he jerked the wheel and Dwinur fell into the middle of the Goblins. The Goblins all turned toward Dwinur and began to charge at him. Dalmin, Dwaim, and Dorin all looked at each other and knew what they had to do, without a word, Dorin takes the ship straight down on the growing pile of Goblins while Dalmin and Dwaim both point their flaming crossbows at the balloon and once the gondola touches down into the huge pile of Goblins, they fire.

    From 4 mountains over, the fireball was seen. 52 goblins died this day, as did 3 brothers: Dalmin, Dwaim, and Dorin. Dwinur survived the explosion under the giant pile of green skin.

  5. Ok everyone above wins! Send us a private message through our Kickstarter page or email us at games@scribelife.com to get your awesome prize. Please watch the video again and vote via email on which statistic to put on the shirt. We are only printing one version of the shirt,but would like to give the winners a chance to choose.

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