Project Update

What a fun week!  It has been the lowest week to date in terms of backers, but the highest in terms of enjoyment.  We visited many game stores and met a lot of great people.  We actually had time to play the game with a few local backers and remembered why we are working so hard to get it into your hands.


This week! Submit your entries to the Community Game Project. Do you know a place where people play games, but have a low budget such as a community center or family room at a hospital?  Nominate them this week and 25 of them will receive 2 copies should we make goal. 

‘The “Nominate Your Local Store” contest for local stores to get free copies ended yesterday.  If we make goal the following stores will be receiving 10 copies for their shelves at no cost;

  • Triple Play in West Lebanon NH
  • Game Universe in Brookfield, WI
  • Legends Family and Hobby Games in Vincennes, IN
  • Days of Knights in Newark DE
  • Madness Games & Comics in Plano TX

There were some hilarious entries to last week’s contest “The 52 Goblin Challenge“.  There were few entries so everyone who entered will get a T-Shirt.  Message us your address so that we can send the prize your way.

The artwork is complete, please feel free to stop by our PAGE to see the latest artwork.


Please take a moment to stop by our project page, and thanks to everybody for making this a great project!




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