Game Night

This afternoon we will be hanging out at our local game store, Total Escape Games, playing Goblin Pit Fight and possibly play testing another game for a member of our Board Game Group on Facebook.

This has been a full week of gaming, last night we played Space Alert with our friends, pizza and beer. If you haven’t checked this one out yet – run, don’t walk, to you local game store and buy it. Who knew fighting aliens could be so much fun?

We are board game designers because we are board game lovers. Board games provide us fun nights with our friends in a personal, face to face kind of way. Video games are great escapes, board games are great times. Game nights bring friends, beer, laughter, food and a quality of relationship that you just can’t replicate with Xbox Live. Yesterday was the last night we had to spend with our dear friend, James, before he returns to Japan.

James has been a lifelong gaming friend of Corey’s, and a new friend to me.  James lives in Japan with his wife, Keiko, and new son Jamie. The last few weeks he has returned to the states for work and has spent most of his free time helping us with our project. He has play tested, offered feedback, helped with the design and visited game stores with us. He is also a project backer, even though he will receive a copy of the game either way. This level of support and friendship could not have been found without their mutual love of board games.


Thanks so much for everything, James, and safe travels home!

Project Update:

As mentioned above, we will be playing Goblin Pit Fight tonight at our local game store. We love this store and cannot wait to feature it in our next post. If you are anywhere near the area, swing by. We would love to meet you, play a game, and generally hang out.

We ordered the t-shirts today and are excited to get them in the hands of our contest winners. We also can’t wait to get our own and proudly sport them at Genghis Con in Denver in a couple of weeks.

Thanks again to all of our friends and supporters, and make sure to swing by our Kickstarter page, the Goblin Pit Fight.



3 thoughts on “Game Night

  1. I tell you, I have started playing this Words game on FB, and it is quite addictive. This game is similar to Scrabble. I must say that one of my favourite board games is Cranium. This is an awfully funny game as you are required to do nutty things. Have you played it?

    I do not play the video games, but I shall buy C.’s when it comes out. These silly boys are addicted to them….

    • Corey doesn’t do video games either, just board and card games. I can’t play Scrabble online because I can’t seem to help myself but to cheat…errr.. use online tools to maximize success, rather 🙂
      I have not played Cranium, what is it?

      • It is a board game. Depending on the card you draw, Data Head, Star Performer, Creative Cat or Word Worm, you are required to do different things like art work and clay creations, or singing a song without words so that the person may guess. Then the other cards are trivia questions and things such as spelling a word backwards, &c.

        It is the most fun to play as teams. I tell you, I team up with a girlfriend of mine who is an artist, and she can always decipher what I have drawn. Thankfully, I can always decipher what she is humming, so we always beat the boys.

        This game will cause you to laugh yourself silly.

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