Liar Liar Pants on Fire

I was struggling to come up with an idea today for a game post, all I can think about it the Con we are going to tomorrow! Corey told me, “Go to Games For Change, you can find an idea there.” Always full of ideas, isn’t he?

Well, this time I listened to him and found a very cool game I am dying to play – Fibber! Fibber is a strip guessing game where you try to determine whether a politician is telling the truth or lying, and keep your shirt on in the process!

This game is a HOOT! Though the goal of the game is to remain clothed… There are other, more personally revealing, reasons for playing the game. (See what I did there?) Here are the key points the designer is driving home:

1. Promoting Self-Reflection

2. Crowd-sourcing Deceptive Statements

3. Recognize your bias towards a party you want to believe.

Fibber is a Game About Political Deception a political “strip guessing” game where players try to determine whether the candidates for the American presidential election of 2012 are telling facts or fiction. The goal of the game is to raise self-awareness and personal fact checking in a world inundated with misleading political ads, social media, and personal bias.

Fibber was created by Seek Change, an organization dedicated to using technology to advance self-empowerment and personal well-being.



Even though the elections are over and there is no reason to get all fired up about who is saying what, I still want to play this game. Let’s just hope I can win! 




5 thoughts on “Liar Liar Pants on Fire

  1. This is a game I should really enjoy playing, I think……..unless the authors got their info from Scopes.

    By the way, I hope you two are having a blast!

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I must put up with a bunch of silly boys! It is my weekend song and dance. Well….boys are captivating…..

    I always force them to sit down for dinner. I find myself quite engaged with the way that they think. Yes, I force them into conversation (they just don’t realise it.) It seems as though little happenings (like taking the bus) can become adventure stories!. I imagine it must be the same with girls, huh?

    • Good evening, Kells 🙂 I came down with the flu yesterday, and our Valentines Day was spent on the couch with a box of Kleenex and Vicks Mentholatum. He went without me this morning, but with a little luck I can join him tomorrow. Boys have adventures, girls play out dramatic events. When they got older, then they had adventures, I just had to wait out school!
      Enjoy your kids, I miss having mine around.

      • You need a hot toddy and some chicken soup. I hope you feel better soon. That would be a shame if you could not attend this event!

        Speaking on games, there is a board game that I bought called Cowgirls ~ Ride the Trail of Truth~ here is a link: Apparently, you are to play it with other girlfriends. Sadly, most of my friends are gay males. I suppose that could work? It is still unopened….

        C., are you on the FB? I know I can play games online through the FB. Unfortunately, between the silly RNL boys, the FB, and line memorization, I have neglected xanga. I need to get over there……after I learn this music for a church recording on Thursday….yes, I’m the queen of procrastination. Well, it’s only 7 songs…..

        Get well!

    • I am on FB, I will email you my address so you can add me. You are a busy girl 🙂 I went to the con, but felt bad so I slept all day in the hotel room. When I woke up I came home. Stupid flu. I haven’t been on Xanga much either, I need to get over there myself. First I need to kick this flu. (feel sorry for me yet?? 😉 )

      • Yes, I do. On the FB, I am Kells Bells. Someone had taken that name at xanga, thus the name, Kellsbella. 🙄

        I have written a silly post on my nephew’s conversation at the RNL. I shall be curious as to their opinions. For me, it is a breach of one’s first amedment rights. Then again, one could argoe that it happened at school, so one must abide by “school” rules. But if you think on it, the public schools are run by the govt. so they should abide by the constitution. Then there’s my rule-breaking nephew.

        It is ironic that I’m speaking of a liar on a post entitled “Liar, liar, pants on fire!”

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