Bloody Knuckles

We celebrated our first successful Kickstarter project last night with wine, food and friends. 



As I write this post, Corey is cutting and shaping runes in the garage. We are actually having to weed out the bloody runes from the rest of them so we aren’t sending any out with spilled blood. Who knows, maybe that would make them more appealing? Corey isn’t the only one spilling blood for the love of the game, our friends that volunteer to help are taking their share of injuries, too. All for the love of the game!  On the days he is building our game, he comes home dirty, bloody, and happy. His hands are chewed up and his nose is caked with sawdust, but he smiles all night. 

ImageWe may spend several months making copies of Runes & Bones and focusing on our education materials, so don’t look for new projects before June! In the meantime, we will keep our blog updated with other gaming related topics and send out monthly newsletters to keep people posted about our projects. 

Our online presence may be spotty in the next week or so, however. We are not only building the games, we are expecting a grand child. She is due today and we can’t wait to see her!


Be patient with us the next few weeks and know that we are making runes, sculpting bones, and spending time with the new baby!


Orcish Wisdom

Our latest game, Runes & Bones, has seven days left to close. We have been very happy with the popularity and success of this project, and have been spending every spare moment making games. Ok, confession time… Corey has been spending every spare moment building the games, but now is where my part comes in. I will be helping him sand, burn and mark the runes and then my favorite part – the bones!

To make the bones we take an enormous bucket of Sculpey, roll out and shape the clay bones, and then bake them in the oven. I can do that all day, it reminds me of play dough, and who doesn’t love play dough?


Ok, not a bucket of Sculpey, but we are going to find one!

We are excited to hear whispers of an Unpub Game convention coming to Denver the first week of April and are already planning our games to bring. Unpub is a group of game developers that do nothing but network, share advice and experience, and play test new and exciting games. The developers group we are forming will kick off the week after Unpub, and we hope to meet many local developers at the convention that share our love of game creation.


A rare glimpse of Wasad Qa, Spirit Talker, in his natural environment..




My loving husband’s alter ego, Wasad Qa, is now joining our game company. Our first Wasad Qa video is now on our Kickstarter page, but you can watch it here.



There is no better way to spend your days than doing what you love, and those words were always hollow to me before launching this game company. Success is not what brings happiness – happiness is what brings success.