Game Designers’ Meeting

It’s been a busy spring so far, and we are excited to finally start getting our game into the hands of our backers! We are still on target with our reward goals and have sent out the first of our rewards. 

We hope you enjoy the Sticknia game along with the PnP version of Runes & Bones. The Orcish Wisdom is guaranteed to be eye opening for your Runes & Bones fun! We are plugging away building the game and can’t wait to send those out to everybody. 

While we are working on Runes & Bones, we are also forming a Game Designers’ group to help support each other through play testing, sharing information, and good old fashioned gaming fun! They will be held monthly at rotating game stores unless we find a store we want to call home. 

Our next meeting will be on May 4th from 1-4 at Total Escape Games in Broomfield. We hope to see some of the people we met at the Un-Pub conference in Denver a few weeks ago and will be starting a group on both Google Groups and 

The address for Total Escape Games is:

6831 W 120th St

Broomfield, CO

We are looking forward to building our group, meeting new gamers and game designers, and sharing experience and supporting each other alone the way. Consider yourself invited if you would like to come, and please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions. 


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