We Broke a Thousand, Baby!

In preparation for this project launch, we made a game. We labored and toiled over our game. We worked on game mechanics, art, budgets and play testing.  

What we missed were the stories of others who have gone before us. As I am hearing them now, I realize that there is no sense in recreating the wheel, the answers are already out there. My next steps are to reach out to others and see how they did it – how they made their hobby a way of life. 

Lessons learned:

1. It takes courage to try something new.

2.  Gamers are always a hoot to read and listen to on podcasts.

3. The road from A to B isn’t always a clear, straight line.


Project Update:

We crossed the 10 percent to goal line today with 51 backers! We are thrilled that we have come this far and 51 different people are willing to believe in our dream and back our project!

The Fire Tribe cards are complete and ready for print. We are so pleased with how they have developed, maintaining the original look while making the icons larger and easier to play with. Here is one of the new cards:


 Thanks to everyone who has backed and supported us, with a special thanks to the supporter that pushed us over our milestone and made our day!




One thought on “We Broke a Thousand, Baby!

  1. That is so awesome! I am so happy that you are getting closer and closer to your dream becoming a reality. This news got me excited too. Keep up the great work! – Claudia

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